About Manu Neethi FPO Limited

1) Making farmers financially independent – This is our main goal

Manu Neethi Foundation (MNF) did many years of research on farmer’s issues. The main issue found by MNF is the profitability depends on two factors.

  1. Productivity – Farmers should reach the production target
  2. Farm gate Price – They should get a fixed farm gate price for their produce.

Only then farmers will be able to make the profit. FPO will ensure the farmer achieves productivity and also ensure the fixed farm gate price.

2) Credit for Farming

Also, most of the farmers do not have a credit rating and are not eligible for bank finance. But Central Government wants to help them and that’s why Manu Neethi Foundation (MNF), Farmer’s Welfare division started this MN- FPO with the intention to help farmers by providing credit for buying all farm inputs like seed, organic fertilizers, organic pesticides etc., and also availing services for land preparation, pesticide applications, weeding & harvesting. This will ensure that the farmer will not be borrowing a very high interest and they won’t be any need to sell the farm produce immediately causing the sudden price crash during the harvest time.

3) Productivity

To ensure productivity, MN-FPO will suggest organic farming by giving all organic inputs and the required training for the farmers.

4) Fixed Farm gate Price (MSP)

To ensure farm gate price, MN-FPO will add storage facilities and value chain process for each farm produce with the concept of farm to home as much as possible.

5) Zero Inflation on account of Farm Produce

MN-FPO will offer the customer at fixed price all through the year to ensure zero inflation.

It will also keep the stock of non-perishable items like Rice, Dal etc., for a year’s consumption to meet the demand even if there is a monsoon failure in certain parts of the country.

All the above will certainly ensure farm gate price for the farmers and fixed price for the consumers throughout the year.

6) Government’s Role

Government will extend all required technical assistance through its research wings and financial assistance through appropriate banks for FPO, and in turn FPO will transfer the same to the farmers.

7) Ultimate Goal

Our ultimate aim is to double the profit for the farmers. Our Manu Neethi foundation helps farmers to make Rs. 1 Lakh per Acre / per year net profit and this is our fundamental principle to operate this FPO.

8) Target for the year 2019

MN FPO wants to implement the value chain concept during this Physical Year to help the following farmers

a) Tur Dal Farmers

b) Cashew Nut Farmers

c) Egg Farmers

d) Paddy Farmers